The Custom-Lab Institute (CLI) is a purpose-driven initiative to offer ready-to-use laboratory tools that we design and manufacture to make our and our colleague’s daily research (and hopefully yours soon, too) easier and cheaper.

In recent years, an increasing number of researchers have embraced the design and manufacture of their own lab tools, leveraging technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting as they became more affordable. While numerous 3D models are accessible in data repositories for free use, their full potential often remains untapped.

Ulrich Lutz removing a 3D printed part

Many designs languish in these repositories, inaccessible to those without direct access to hardware like 3D printers. Additionally, the rigid, unmodifiable nature of the deposited data format limits easy adjustments. Models may require specific 3D printing technologies, be constructed with different unit scales, or not meet specific customization needs.

At The Custom-Lab Institute, our goal is to make 3D-printed lab tools accessible to a wider audience. Here, you can find cost-effective alternatives to often overpriced equipment, such as magnetic racks, as well as unique, time-saving tools not readily available on the market, like the bead dispenser. As we continue to develop new tools, our collection will expand.

But that's not all! Because each tool is produced upon order, we provide users with the opportunity to customize every tool. We've identified features for each tool that can be modified within specific ranges to meet your unique requirements. This allows you, for example, to obtain a perfectly fitting bead dispenser. Further individual customization beyond the listed features is also possible through personal communication, like a 96-well magnetic rack tailored to the nonstandard plate footprint of your liquid handling station.

In addition to feature customization, we are committed to integrating user feedback and experiences continually to enhance the tools with each new print.

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