Fast Payment Options Not Suitable? Need a Quote?

If the available fast payment options are not suitable for you and you require a quote, no problem. We can help you in this case as well. Please send us an email containing:
  • A list of the requested items OR a screenshot of your cart (recommended).
  • An exact shipping address, billing address.
  • Your contact information.
  • If you're from an institution in the EU (not Germany): The VAT number.
We will promptly provide you with a quote. If it meets your approval, please proceed by sending a purchase order (optional). The invoice will be sent with the shipment of the tools. Please arrange payment through a wire transfer within a 14-day period.


    Lead time for most products: 1-2 weeks

      Further customization / Private label / OEM?

      You want your lab logo, your name or anything else on your tools? Sure, why not. Let us know!

      (see example: https://twitter.com/DerekSeveri/status/1494698087889227779)

      Volume discount

      On request.

      Material colors

      On request.

      Food-safe materials

      On request.