Many Good Reasons to Choose Our Tools!

Customizability Galore!

All our tools are like the chameleons of the lab world – highly customizable. The options for customization are right there with each product. But hey, if you're feeling extra fancy or have a peculiar desire to modify tools for your specific needs, shoot us a mail. We're all ears for further customization requests.

Budget-Friendly Genius

Our tools are a whopping 8x - 12x more affordable than those overpriced offerings from massive biotech companies. This translates to not just saving on tools but also having more budget for your actual research. Alternatively you stick to your budget, get more tools, boost your sample throughput, and watch as you save both time and money.

Prints Charming with Durable Material

Erase everything you thought you knew about 3D printed parts because we're ushering you into the golden age of additive manufacturing. Our tools are born from latest SLA technology, delivering much higher precision, surface quality, and longevity than FDM printed parts. We've been using our tools for over four years in the lab now and they still go strong.

Lab Rat Approved and Handmade with Love

Our tools aren't just made; they're designed, crafted, and tested in southern Germany by lab rats for lab rats. We build tools we need for our daily lab work and put them through the wringer to make sure they stand up to the madness.

Production on Demand, Zero Waste Command

Our tools are like bespoke suits, made just for you. We produce them only when you hit that order button – no warehouse, no long-distance transport, no stockpiling, and no plastic waste.
Anticipating an elaborate unboxing ceremony? Not with us; we prioritize sustainability, striving to minimize our environmental impact by reusing packaging.

DIY Repairs - Lab Hero Style

We've designed our tools to be tough, but accidents happen. Fear not, because we've made sure that they are easy to repair. Some spare magnets, a dab of glue, and a virtual high-five from us, and your tools are back in action.

Support a Not-for-Profit Cause!

After calculating the production costs of the individual tools, we have added another 20%. This isn't going toward luxury cars though; it's all reinvested in R&D to create, build, and test exciting new tools!

Style Points Matter

Functionality is king and queen, but who says nerds don't appreciate a touch of aesthetics? Our tools don't just work; they look cool, too.