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Brendan, the customizable bead dispenser for 96 well plates

Brendan, the customizable bead dispenser for 96 well plates

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Plate type compatibility

This 96 well bead dispenser can be fully customized to dispense any number and size of beads up to 5 mm. An enormous cost- and timesaver! It’s compatible with different 96 well microplates, 96-well deep well plates and 96 well PCR plates (semi-skirted or full-skirted). With an additional adapter (see here), the deep well version is compatible with these 96 well collection tube plates.

Options for customization:

The number and size of beads:

  • Bead size. If the bead size in batch varies (e.g. Roth glass beads) please calculate with the largest beads in the batch.
  • Number of beads
  • Limit: 
    • Bead size: 1.5 – 6.5 mm
    • Bead number: Total 15 mm height (e.g. 5 beads with a diameter of 3 mm)

OR the size of the cavity by volume:

  • Volume in mm³ or µl.
  • Optional: preferred dimensions (diameter and/or height).
  • Limit: 15 mm height and 5 mm diameter (294 mm³/µl).

How to operate this bead dispenser:

  1. Fill the dispenser with an excess of beads (The lid of this tube rack is useful for catching the overflowing beads).
  2. Ensure that each hole contains bead(s).
  3. Transfer any surplus beads back into the storage container.
  4. Close the dispenser using the provided closing plate.
  5. Invert the dispenser and place it onto your sample plate.
  6. Open the closing plate to initiate the dispensing process.
  7. Enjoy the sound of dropping beads.

(Steps 4-7 are shown in the video)

Tip: If you want to fill only few rows or columns, or single wells, etc., simply cover (with adhesive tape) the wells of the dispenser that should not be filled with beads.

Included in the package:

Technical note:

  • In case one or more beads get stuck in the cavity (which might happen when bead size in a batch varies) there are small holes at the bottom for easy removal.
  • Printed with SLA technology with very high accuracy and surface quality.
  • Comes in semi-clear and durable material.
  • Not fully ethanol resistant. If surface sterilization is needed, please use short UV exposure or bleach.

You need help with the customization? Email us!

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