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Dieter, the magnetic separation rack for 96-microwell and -deepwell plates

Dieter, the magnetic separation rack for 96-microwell and -deepwell plates

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A magnetic separation rack for bead cleanups. Compatible with microwell-plates and deepwell-plates with a flat, round, or conical bottom. Also compatible with PCR plates (But Steve is still the specialist for 96-well PCR plates). The magnets are strong enough to pull beads down from a filled well of a 2 ml deepwell-plate.

Options for customization:

Offset of magnets for different plate types.

  • Standard: 0mm offset (this is suitable for all plate types)
  • In case you only use one type of plate with a certain deepwell bottom shape, either name "flat", "round", or "conical".
  • Private labelling / OEM possible on request.

Technical specification

  • Dimensions footprint: 127.8 x 85.5 mm (ANSI:SBS footprint compatible for pipetting robots)
  • 24 very strong Neodymium magnets with Nickel coating. 24 x 5.9 kg (!).
  • Printed with SLA technology with very high accuracy and surface quality.
  • Comes in white, durable material.
  • Don’t heat > 80°C. The neodymium magnets will lose their properties.
  • Not fully ethanol resistant. If surface sterilization is needed, please use bleach or UV sterilization.
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