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Steve, the magnetic separation rack for 96-well plates

Steve, the magnetic separation rack for 96-well plates

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Magnet orientation

A magnetic separation rack for standard 96-well PCR plates (semi-skirted and non-skirted), PCR strips, or individual PCR tubes. With magnets in horizontal or vertical orientation. The magnets are placed at the angle of the tubes for best performance. The magnetic rack is open at the bottom for easy inspection of the tubes

Options for customization:

  • The orientation of the magnets
  • The vertical position of magnets in millimeters up from the bottom of the tubes.
    Standard: beads will be pulled around 3 mm up from the bottom of the tubes (standard PCR strips) compatible with low elution volumes.

  • Private labelling / OEM possible on request.

Technical specification

  • Dimensions of the footprint: 127.8 mm x 85.5 mm (ANSI:SBS footprint, compatible for pipetting robots)
  • 24 very strong Neodymium magnets with Nickel coating. 24 x 2 kg.
  • Magnets are removable.
  • Printed with SLA technology with very high accuracy and surface quality.
  • Comes in semi-clear, durable material.
  • Don’t heat > 80°C. The neodymium magnets will lose their properties.
  • Not fully ethanol resistant. If surface sterilization is needed, please use bleach or UV sterilization.
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